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BAC4000 upgrade kit for Talaria sting

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– Power adjustment via screen.

– Assist level adjustment in percent %

– Changes wheel sizes for more accurate speeds.

– Possibility to use several types of screens.

– Protect the motor from overheating.

– 60V – 72V batteries can be used.

– Battery wear protection (reduces power when battery is low).

– Fully ready to use.

– Possibility to change speed units (km / h – mph).

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Transform your Talaria Sting into a beast with the revolutionary BAC4000 upgrade kit.

This plug-and-play upgrade kit harnesses the power of the renowned ASI BAC4000 controller to unleash the full potential of your Talaria Sting, transforming it into an unstoppable force on the trails.


Experience a staggering 75-90% increase in power with the bypassed battery option, or an astonishing 180-300% boost with a special 60V or 72V battery (12kW or 15kW). Feel the raw power surge through your veins as you conquer any terrain with ease.

Reverse Gear for Added Convenience

The red button on the original Talaria throttle has been cleverly repurposed as a reverse gear, eliminating the hassle of manually maneuvering your bike in tight spaces or tricky situations.

Expert Tuning and Support

Every customer receives a private remote programming session with one of our engineers to ensure your controller is perfectly tuned to your riding style and preferences. They will also double-check your installation and provide valuable insights into maximizing your riding experience.

Custom Wiring Loom for Seamless Integration

Our custom-made wiring loom ensures a flawless connection and compatibility with your Talaria Sting, eliminating any compatibility issues and ensuring a smooth installation process.

Motor Temperature Protection

Advanced motor temperature protection safeguards your Talaria Sting’s motor from overheating, extending its lifespan and ensuring your riding enjoyment.

Choose Your Display and Power Upgrade

Select the 750C display for a classic look and feel, or opt for the Eggrider V2 for small data monitor.

With the BAC4000 upgrade kit, you’re not just upgrading your Talaria Sting; you’re transforming it into a force to be reckoned with. Experience the thrill of unparalleled performance, effortless maneuverability, and expert tuning, all at your fingertips.


  • Custom tuning: Receive personalized tuning from an engineer, unlike other kits with pre-set configurations.
  • Tunable up to 15kW: Unlock an incredible 3x power increase compared to the stock bike.
  • Works with various battery setups: Compatible with both 60v and 72v batteries.
  • Plug-and-play installation: No soldering or modifications required – simply replace the original controller.
  • Compatible with OEM and upgraded batteries: Works seamlessly with your existing battery or with upgraded 60v or 72v batteries.
  • Complete upgrade kit: Includes a controller, display (750C or Eggrider V2), controller holders, controller radiator.

Power Options:

  • Option 1 – 60v original: Boost power to 5,000W.
  • Option 2 – 60v bypassed: Increase power to 8,000W.
  • Option 3 – 60v Custom: Achieve 12,000W (12kW) of power.
  • Option 4 – 72v Custom: Unleash 15,000W (15kW) of power.
  • (For custom programming please contact us – info@electricgen.eu)

Performance Improovements:

  • Significant torque and acceleration: Experience a noticeable increase in power and responsiveness from the rear wheel.
  • Increased maximum speed: Depending on the rear sprocket, you can expect a significant boost in top speed.

Battery Considerations:

  • Bypassed battery: While increasing power, bypassing your battery may shorten its lifespan. The extent depends on battery condition, age, and pre-bypass maintenance.
  • 60v or 72v battery: For maximum power, consider upgrading to a high-quality ElectricGen 60v or 72v battery capable of delivering the required amperage.


Even more:

  • Power Adjustment via Screen: Conveniently adjust the power output directly from the display, tailoring your riding experience to your preferences.

  • Assist Level Adjustment in Percent %: Fine-tune the assist level in percentage increments, ensuring a personalized riding experience that suits your riding style and terrain.

  • Wheel Size Adjustment for Accurate Speeds: Accurately gauge your speed by adjusting the wheel size setting, providing more precise speed readings.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Screens: Choose from a variety of compatibility screens, including 750C and Eggrider V2, ensuring a seamless integration with your preferences.

  • Motor Overheating Protection: Safeguard your motor from overheating by implementing a robust protection system that monitors motor temperatures and reduces power output when necessary.

  • 60V – 72V Battery Compatibility: Utilize a wide range of batteries, from 60V to 72V, ensuring compatibility with your current setup or future battery upgrades.

  • Battery Wear Protection: Preserve battery life by implementing a smart power reduction mechanism that automatically adjusts power output when battery levels are low.

  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Enjoy effortless installation with a plug-and-play design that eliminates the need for complex wiring or modifications.

  • Speed Unit Change (km/h – mph): Conveniently switch between kilometers per hour (km/h) and miles per hour (mph) units, adapting to your preferred speed measurement.

Select your battery

60v original, 60v bypassed, 60v Custom, 72v Custom


750C, Eggrider V2, I will use my own Eggrider V2

Regeneration thumb throttle

I need it, No, Thanks :)

Bypass kit

+, –

Controller radiator

I need it, No, Thanks :)

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  1. Edvīns

    With this controller my bike has more torque. Best upgrade until now 🙂

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