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BAC8000 upgrade kit for Sur Ron

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– Power adjustment via screen.

– Assist level adjustment in percent %

– Changes wheel sizes for more accurate speeds.

– Possibility to use several types of screens.

– Protect the motor from overheating.

– 60V – 72V batteries can be used.

– Battery wear protection (reduces power when battery is low).

– Fully ready to use.

– Possibility to change speed units (km / h – mph).

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ASI BAC8000 upgrade kit for SurRon bike

Looking to give your SurRon bike a significant power boost? Our ASI BAC8000 upgrade kit is the perfect solution. This highly tunable upgrade can deliver up to 32kW of power (when motor is changed), which is 6.6x + more than the stock bike’s 4.8kW output.


  • Custom tuning: Receive personalized tuning from an engineer, unlike other kits with pre-set configurations.
  • Tunable up to 16kW: Unlock an incredible 3x power increase compared to the stock bike.
  • Works with various battery setups: Compatible with both 60v and 72v batteries.
  • Plug-and-play installation: No soldering or modifications required – simply replace the original controller.
  • Compatible with OEM and upgraded batteries: Works seamlessly with your existing battery or with upgraded 60v or 72v batteries.
  • Complete upgrade kit: Includes a controller, display (750C or Eggrider V2), controller holders, connection cables, and an optional controller radiator.

Power Options for original SurRon motor:

  • Option 1 – 60v original: Boost power to 5,000W.
  • Option 2 – 60v bypassed: Increase power to 7,200W.
  • Option 3 – 60v Custom: Achieve 15,000W (15kW) of power.
  • Option 4 – 72v Custom: Unleash 18,500W (18,5kW) of power.
  • (For custom programming please contact us – info@electricgen.eu)

Performance Improovements:

  • Significant torque and acceleration: Experience a noticeable increase in power and responsiveness from the rear wheel.
  • Increased maximum speed: Depending on the rear sprocket, you can expect a significant boost in top speed.

Battery Considerations:

  • Bypassed battery: While increasing power, bypassing your battery may shorten its lifespan. The extent depends on battery condition, age, and pre-bypass maintenance.
  • 60v or 72v battery: For maximum power, consider upgrading to a high-quality ElectricGen 60v or 72v battery capable of delivering the required amperage.

Get the Most out of Your SurRon:

Our ASI BAC8000 upgrade kit is designed to unleash the full potential of your SurRon bike. With its customizable power output, compatibility with various battery setups, and plug-and-play installation, this upgrade will transform your riding experience.


Even more:

  • Power Adjustment via Screen: Conveniently adjust the power output directly from the display, tailoring your riding experience to your preferences.

  • Assist Level Adjustment in Percent %: Fine-tune the assist level in percentage increments, ensuring a personalized riding experience that suits your riding style and terrain.

  • Wheel Size Adjustment for Accurate Speeds: Accurately gauge your speed by adjusting the wheel size setting, providing more precise speed readings.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Screens: Choose from a variety of compatibility screens, including 750C and Eggrider V2, ensuring a seamless integration with your preferences.

  • Motor Overheating Protection: Safeguard your motor from overheating by implementing a robust protection system that monitors motor temperatures and reduces power output when necessary.

  • 60V – 72V Battery Compatibility: Utilize a wide range of batteries, from 60V to 72V, ensuring compatibility with your current setup or future battery upgrades.

  • Battery Wear Protection: Preserve battery life by implementing a smart power reduction mechanism that automatically adjusts power output when battery levels are low.

  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Enjoy effortless installation with a plug-and-play design that eliminates the need for complex wiring or modifications.

  • Speed Unit Change (km/h – mph): Conveniently switch between kilometers per hour (km/h) and miles per hour (mph) units, adapting to your preferred speed measurement.




Select your battery

60v original, 60v bypassed, 60v Custom, 72v Custom


750C, Eggrider V2, I will use my own Eggrider V2

Regeneration thumb throttle

I need it, No, Thanks :)

Bypass kit

+, –

Controller radiator

I need it, No, Thanks :)

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Review (1)
  1. Eric

    If are looking for an upgrade this is an excellent choice. The performance increase is definitely worth the money.

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