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ASI BAC855 upgrade kit for BBSHD

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Increase rated motor speed!

Big torque!

Working with colorful display.

Fully prepared to use.

Support shift sensor / gear sensor!

OEM harness can be customised.

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Most improved – ASI BAC855 upgrade kit for Bafang BBSHD motor only in our store!

We will prepare the new controller that you will not need to solder or remake anything.

All connectors will match with original Bafang motor.

This controller can be used on the following battery systems: 48v / 52v / 60v / 72v without additional programming. Just plug and play!


The controller is programmed:

Voltage: 48-72v.
Power: 4000W = 4 kW.
1 Assist level = 37%
2 Assist level = 65%
3 Assist level = 100%
(Assists levels will limit speed and power – torque. 3 Assist level is set to 100% of controller power).

Each assist power level can be easily changed by yourself in display setting by “%”.

Controller size: 81mm x 55mm x 39mm
Controller weight: 300 grams.

During the installation, make sure that the new controller and cables are protected from dirt and water.


Expert Tuning and Support

Every customer receives a private remote programming session with one of our engineers to ensure your controller is perfectly tuned to your riding style and preferences. They will also double-check your installation and provide valuable insights into maximizing your riding experience


Newest 2024 year model improvements:

  • Motor temperature sensor – tracks motor temperature and does not allow overheating the motor.
  • Support gear / shift sensor.
  • Support 6v 500 mA (MAX) lights.
  • Controller bracket protects the harness from water.
  • Increased torque / acceleration from start.


This controller kit was improved and tested more then 7 years!


Even more:

Power Adjustment via Screen: Conveniently adjust the power output directly from the display, tailoring your riding experience to your preferences.

Assist Level Adjustment in Percent %: Fine-tune the assist level in percentage increments, ensuring a personalized riding experience that suits your riding style and terrain.

Wheel Size Adjustment for Accurate Speeds: Accurately gauge your speed by adjusting the wheel size setting, providing more precise speed readings.

Compatibility with Multiple Screens: Choose from a variety of compatibility screens, including 750C and Eggrider V2, ensuring a seamless integration with your preferences.

Motor Overheating Protection: Safeguard your motor from overheating by implementing a robust protection system that monitors motor temperatures and reduces power output when necessary.

48V – 72V Battery Compatibility: Utilize a wide range of batteries, from 48V to 72V, ensuring compatibility with your current setup or future battery upgrades.

Battery Wear Protection: Preserve battery life by implementing a smart power reduction mechanism that automatically adjusts power output when battery levels are low.

Plug-and-Play Installation: Enjoy effortless installation with a plug-and-play design that eliminates the need for complex wiring or modifications.

Speed Unit Change (km/h – mph): Conveniently switch between kilometers per hour (km/h) and miles per hour (mph) units, adapting to your preferred speed measurement.


In this kit are included:

1x Controller.
1x OEM harness. (come with 30 cm of wires length and can be customized. For customization contact with us).
1x 750C display or Eggrider V2. (you have to choose one during checkout).
1x controller bracket / holder.
1x motor cover.


Available displays:

  • 750C
  • Eggrider V2

Battery connectors:


Select that side connector which is on your battery.


* Remember to protect the white connector on the controller from dirt and water. Failure to protect and allow water to enter may result in damage to the controller.

If you want to get help, re-tune controller or ask any question, you can freely contact with us via email – info@electricgen.eu or Facebook – ElectricGenn

WE CAN RE-TUNE CONTROLLER EXACTLY FOR YOUR SETUP AND BATTERY. For that contact with us via email – info@electricgen.eu or Facebook – ElectricGenn


750C, Eggrider V2 (working with 48-52v batteries), Eggrider V2 (working with 48v-72v batteries), I will use my Eggrider V2 (working with 48v-52v batteries)

YOUR Battery connector


Your battery

48v (13s), 52v (14s), 60v (16s), 72v (20s)

Customers reviews

Reviews (9)
  1. Liam

    Fast shipping. Quick and knowledgeable answers. Recommend

  2. Ales

    Top quality kit! Best support! They helped with a custom harness for my bike and answered all my dump questions. The best shopping experience ever!

  3. Roger

    This kit was really easy to assemble and the performance increase is amazing.

  4. James

    I bought this controller from ElectricGen and it beat my friend’s bike which uses the same controller which was bought from a company in the UK. Highly recommend it if you want best performance and acceleration!

  5. Kanan

    I bought a bac855 from ElectricGen in the uk and less just say there no competition. If you want to upgrade your bike this is the place even down to their customer service

  6. Anton

    My bike with this controller is monster! Really recommend!

  7. Walter

    These guys know what they do. Buying second kit for my wife bike. On my first one I done 3000 km. Everything working as same as first day.

  8. John

    This was an expensive purchase but it worthed every penny I paid for this. Recommend you buying this.

  9. Mark

    I didnt expect that the difference between my original bafang controller and this BAC855 would be so big. Best upgrade for my bike!

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