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Sotion Motor for Sur Ron Light Bee 26kW

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Do you often overheat the engine? Still lacking torque, traction or power drops above 30km/h?

We have a solution! – Sotion motor.

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Looking for more power, increased torque, and “slower heating motor” to prevent the engine from overheating quickly?

It may sound impossible, but you’re in the right place. Whether you’re conquering mountain peaks or riding on asphalt, this engine provides an extra surge of power.

Introducing the Sotion Motor ElectricGen Edition, redesigned from the ground up for the Sur Ron Light Bee bike-motorcycle. With a larger rotor, an enlarged stator, and the latest IPM technology, it offers significantly more power and efficiency!

Our ElectricGen Edition motor is designed for all riding styles: street, enduro, MX. From insanely high torque-demanding uphills to wide-open speeds exceeding 100 km/h, and trial zones requiring instant torque bursts.

13kW continuous power and 26kW peak power.
22Nm of torque at the shaft (peaking at 65Nm).
Revs up to 5200 rpm at nominal voltage and up to 10,000 rpm at peak.

It can be used with all controllers: ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000, Torp, EBMX x-9000, Nucular, KO, SiliXcon, and others.

Technical details

Motor Type Brushless IPM motor
Power 13kW nominal and 26kW peak
Torque 22Nm nominal and 65Nm peak
Max phase 800A phase current
RPM 5200RPM at nominal voltage with a maximum of 10 000RPM
Position sensor Hall sensor
Temperature sensor NTC KTY83
Motor poles 5 pole pairs (10 poles)
Assembly Full aluminium body, aluminium rotor, neodimium magnets
Efficiency 93%
Weight 11kg

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