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Best batteries for your bike / scooter

Increase your mileage and torque – acceleration by using our top batteries in your bikes or scooters!

Hand-Crafted Precision: This emphasizes the care and expertise that goes into our batteries.

Engineered Excellence: This highlights the technical skill and innovation behind our batteries manufacturing.

By upholding European manufacturing standards, we guarantee that our SurRon and Talaria bikes battery packs are equipped with:

  • Authentic  Samsung A+++ Grade cells which are genuine branded cells specifically designed for high capacity batteries distinguishing us from competitors offering lower-grade alternatives. 
  • Our craftsmanship is a testament to our dedication, rooted in the invaluable expertise acquired.
  • Best weight/size/capacity and housing protection ratio.
  • Super tough and powder coated inside and out stainless steel case to keep your battery secure from external damage.
  • LCD display with voltage, percentage and temperature monitoring.
  • Comfortable handle to keep your battery installation process more easier.
  • Cells connected by real copper bus bar plates which enables smaller resistance between cells and allow to push maximum current from the battery without adding unnecessary heat. In short – smaller resistance between cells = less imbalance and lower battery temperature which results in longer battery life! That makes our battery significantly superior to most competitors who use nickel strips to manufacture their batteries.
  • Integrated charging connector.
  • Fast charging supported.
  • Multiple output connectors selection – SurRon original (Supra), Talaria sting original, QS8 with 6AWG wires.
  • The battery has integrated temperature sensors with spec. equipment which controls the battery and prevents it from overheating or being charged at too low or high temperatures.
  • Special battery management system –  By Our custom request manufactured battery management system board which has built in safety features which can detect power shorts, irregular current or too big current draw and immediately completely turn off the battery management system to protect your other components on the bike from being damaged. As We tested, it works much more accurately and quicker than a mechanical breaker.
  • Phone app to monitor battery status, temperature from multiple battery places and voltage of each cell group.

We focus on producing batteries specifically for the Sur Ron Light Bee, Talaria Stings, Ultra Bees, Bafang, Inokim as well as batteries designed for camping and solar charging, sports karts, and more. Discover our custom solutions that are crafted to meet your individual requirements. Contact us with your specific needs or inquiries, and experience our exceptional quality and service that will go beyond your expectations.


Each battery is manufactured according to individual order. For any questions feel free to reach our team at info@ElectricGen.Eu We are always ready to help and give advice from experts!

Are Surron bikes suitable for beginners?

Yes, Surron offers bike models specifically designed for beginner riders, prioritizing safety and ease of use.

Absolutely! Surron offers several models built to withstand rugged terrains and deliver exceptional off-road performance.

Yes, Surron bikes are electric motorcycles, making them eco-friendly and reducing carbon emissions.

Yes, Surron offers customization options for their My Bike model, allowing riders to personalize their bikes.

Surron provides street-legal bike models that comply with road regulations, offering a legal and thrilling riding experience.

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