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SurRon BAC4000 Controller Upgrade kit

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– Power adjustment via screen.

– Assist level adjustment in percent %

– Changes wheel sizes for more accurate speeds.

– Protect the motor from overheating.

– 60V – 72V batteries can be used.

– Battery wear protection (reduces power when battery is low).



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Upgrade your Sur Ron with the high-performance BAC4000 Controller! Experience seamless integration with ASI BAC4000 plug and play. Tuned up to 15KW for an impressive 3x power increase compared to the stock bike. Fine-tune for various setups, supporting 60v or 72v batteries. Includes personalized tuning session for optimal performance. Bid farewell to jerky throttle with the Electric Domino Throttle replacement. Stay cool with the Advanced Heatsink and Mounting Kit. Tailored Wiring Loom Solution ensures superior quality. Access crucial data with the APT 750C Display. Trust the Aluminum Mounting Bracket for a secure fit. Enjoy efficient power transfer with 6 AWG Phase Extension Cables. Safeguard your motor with Motor Temperature Protection. Unleash the full potential of your Sur Ron!

Moreover, you’ll benefit from an exclusive custom tune by our skilled engineers which will ensure that your bike will be the beast comparied to others!

Upgrade kit includes:

  • ASI BAC4000 Controller for Sur Ron. Our ASI BAC4000 controller comes fully prepared and expertly programmed, specifically tailored to elevate the performance of your Sur Ron bike. With our comprehensive setup, you can expect a seamless and powerful integration with your electric bike.
  • Personalized tuning session with our experienced engineer to improove your riding experience. As part of our service, each customer receives an exclusive remote programming session with one of our skilled engineers. Through this remote tunning session, the engineer will ensure that your controller is correctly installed and set up safely according to your specific riding style and gearing preferences.
  • Electric Domino Throttle. Say goodbye to the jerky and uncontrollable experience of the original OEM SurRon throttle. We understand the importance of smooth and precise throttle control, which is why we offer the “Domino” throttle replacement as part of our upgrade package.
  • Advanced Heatsink and Mounting Kit to keep BAC tempreture low and protect it from mud. Our team has meticulously engineered and CNC machined a specialized custom heatsink exclusively designed to seamlessly mount the ASI controllers directly onto your SurRon. Additionally, the heatsink acts as a robust shield, providing protection against potential contact with stones and dirt during your rides. To further safeguard your controller from water exposure, we also provide side covers and a top rubber mudflap, minimizing the risk of water integration to the greatest extent possible. With this comprehensive heatsink mounting kit, you can confidently enjoy enhanced performance while ensuring the longevity and durability of your SurRon’s controller system.
  • Tailored Wiring Loom Solution with all funtions of Sur Ron bike. At our facility, we take immense pride in offering a custom wiring loom that sets us apart from the rest. Our skilled electricians meticulously handcraft each wiring loom in-house to ensure superior quality and performance.
  • APT 750C Display – 3.5-inch screen. This cutting-edge display empowers you to access crucial bike information effortlessly, regardless of your speed, location, or riding conditions. With its intuitive design, you’ll have no trouble glancing at all relevant data, ensuring a seamless riding experience. Navigating through various settings and assist modes is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface. No matter where your adventures take you, the APT 750C Display ensures that you have all the necessary information right at your fingertips, making each ride a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • 6 AWG Phase Extension Cables: These high-quality cables are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for your SurRon. With a thick 6 AWG gauge, they ensure efficient power transfer and minimize energy loss, providing a seamless connection between your controller and motor.
  • BMS Bypass Kit: Specifically designed for users who wish to utilize our power upgrade kit with their Sur Ron OEM (original) battery. This BMS bypass kit ensures seamless compatibility and optimal performance when integrating our upgrade with your original Sur Ron battery.
  • Motor Temperature Protection: When you choose ElectricGen tunes for your SurRon Light Bee, you gain the added advantage of motor temperature protection. We prioritize the safety and longevity of your motor, and our specialized tuning includes a thoughtful temperature protection settings.

What power increase can I expect from this upgrade kit?

  • Using the original bypassed Sur Ron battery, enjoy a 1.5x power increase (150%).
  • Upgrade to our powerful 60v battery for an impressive 2.8x boost (280%), elevating your riding experience.
  • Upgrade with our high-performance 72v battery for an astounding 3x power increase (320%) – pushing your Sur Ron to unparalleled levels of performance. 🚀⚡️




Select your battery

60v original, 60v bypassed, 60v capable of giving 250a, 72v capable of giving 250a


750C, Eggrider V2, I will use my own Eggrider V2

Regeneration thumb throttle

I need it, No, Thanks :)

Bypass kit

+, –

Controller radiator

I need it, No, Thanks :)

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