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SUR-RON 72v. 45Ah. Battery

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Nom. Voltage. 72v.
Max. Voltage. 84v.
Min. Voltage. 60v.
Capacity. 45 Ah.
Max. Power. 21,6 kW
Cells brand. Samsung
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Double your mileage and even triple your torque. This battery will turn Sur-Ron into a real “beast”.

This state-of-the-art battery option is designed to elevate your Sur Ron bike to unparalleled levels of performance, pushing the boundaries of electric biking.🚀⚡️

(This battery only works with new controllers. Connecting the battery to the original controller is prohibited).

The battery is manufactured using real copper plates, which makes our battery significantly superior to most competitors who use nickel strips to manufacture their batteries.

What is the advantage of this?

Better contact between cells = less imbalance and lower battery temperature resulting in longer battery life!

Our batteries are housed in a lightweight, strong aluminum housing to protect the battery from external damage.

The battery has integrated temperature sensors with spec. equipment that controls the battery and prevents it from overheating or being charged at too low or high temperatures.

The battery can be connected to an app where you can monitor its status and the voltage and temperature of each cell group.

The battery power is fully sufficient for the sur-ron engine with BAC4000 or BAC8000 controllers.

Made in Europe.

Recommended max. motor power – 16200W = 16.2kW.

Instantaneous maximum power: 21600W = 21.6kW

After ordering, we make new battery.

Customers reviews

Reviews (5)
  1. Jeff

    Stock battery is nothing compered to this. 20kw is breathtaking – acceleration, sound of the wind and the chain – it’s just perfect.

  2. Andrew

    This battery is a beast. 72v is killing it. This masterpiece can easily produce 18kW. Worth buying it.

  3. Tom

    First of all – built quality is great. I really liked colour choice for battery. But most importantly is the power! 115km/h with easy. Definitely worth it.

  4. Samuel

    Definitely an upgrade from my previous stock battery.

  5. Ben

    A lot power and range! Recommend.

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